Free motorcycle parking in Hong Kong

One huge advantage of riding a motorcycle compared to a car in Hong Kong is parking. Hong Kong is a pretty small place, so parking is expensive.

For motorcycles this isn’t the case. All over Hong Kong there are free roadside parking spaces available. Park your bike in central Hong Kong for nothing.

If you don’t know where to find parking, the map below will help you. I copied all locations in there.

19 thoughts on “Free motorcycle parking in Hong Kong

  1. Hey there !
    Indeed helpful site as exactly what I was looking for… unfortunately, I cannot find yet a parking where I am.

    I’m on Robinson Road, more west side, mid-levels and investigated both free parking and even buildings parking: nothing.
    – The Seymour road free parking is not existing anymore.

    Any advice is welcome !

  2. I found the source on the Transport Dept’s website, but there aren’t any more details there either. I’ve seen these rows of bikes parked together all over the city, but I don’t understand the limitations. Do you know how long a bike can be left in one? For instance, if I had a bike could I use one of these places to park overnight daily? Cheers! Awesome work putting it into an online map. The Android apps are great too but my laptop’s screen is so much bigger 🙂

    • I’m glad you like the map. As far as I know, there’s no limit regarding how long you can park your bike. Some residents on HK island seem to use the parking spot as their personal car park.

  3. BTW, I think the “Fuk Wa Street” pin is in the wrong spot – although there is parking near the pin, the Transport Dept’s site lists it as “near Castle Peak Road”, which is up in Lai Chi Kok.

  4. Dear Basti and AK, the free motorcycle parking spaces on the streets have a 24-hour limit. While it is mostly OK to leave your bike there for a couple of days, vehicles that are not moved for weeks will certainly attract traffic tickets and acts of vandalism alike.

    • Yes, I do. Thought about replacing it with the Duke 390 though which is almost the same but with a lot more power. If I had the choice now, I’d go for the 390.

      • That’s awesome Basti, we have gathered a group of local Duke riders and there are occasional bike meets. Maybe you can even find a couple of 390s for sale over here. Drop me a e-mail me if you are interested!

  5. Just for your info, there’s an app call motopark for HK parking for both motorcycle and cars. It is extreamly useful, but not ava on web page, just the app. Thus I am trying to find an internet web page with a Map of all location. Please let me know if you guys out there find one.

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