On the road in VietnamThanks for visiting my blog.

I’m Basti and have been living in Southern China for seven years now. For about a year, I took on one of my favourite hobbies again – motorcycling. I currently ride a KTM Duke 200.

I know, 200cc isn’t a lot (in fact it’s just too little), but in Hong Kong it’s more than enough.

This blog is all about motorcycling. Be it motorcycling tours, bikes, equipment, whatever I find interesting I post here.

Please also visit my main blog that focuses on everything about living and travelling in Asia. I will post motorbike related posts only here, some posts, such as motorcycle travels, will be published on both blogs.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Basti,
    Just to let you and your readers know that there is a new Meetup group created for HK Motorcycle riders in HK. The concept is to create a central place where HK motorcyclists can find info, post rides, post social events etc.
    The link is

    Hong Kong Motorcycle Riding Meetup

    Hong Kong, HK
    10 Bikers

    This is for riders of all skill levels to get together and organize rides. Not looking to form a motorcycling gang of any sort, just grow the riding community.Feel free to po…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

    Hope you can help spread the word.

  2. Hi Basti, Im about to buy a Suzuki dr200 2005, and need to look for some parking space in central. I live on Lamma (where no motorbikes are allowed) so preferrably id park it close to the ferry piers. You know any parking? (free/paid). Also, would be cool to meet up and ride a bit together?

    marksmit85 at gmail.com

    • Hi mate,
      Unfortunately I left the world of motorbike riders for the time being. But I will rejoin soon. I don’t know a space close to the piers, but there is motorbike parking in Central in Stanley street and also On Lan Street. Those tend to be quite busy though.

      There’s a group on MeetUp for motorbiking in Hong Kong. It’s called “Hong Kong Motorcycle Riding Meetup”

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