Someone just re-invent the helmet….

Skully Helmet

In 2007 Apple reinvent the phone (or so they claim to have done). And this year Skully, a start-up from San Francisco, reinvented the helmet. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and will revolutionise how we ride motorbikes. 

Skully produced a “smart helmet”. A motorcycle helmet that is crammed with electronics including a GPS device, a display integrated in your visor and much more.

I’m actually a bit surprised that it has taken so long for a product like this to appear. However, motorcycling has never been quick to adapt new technology apart from racing. Catalytic converters, standard for decades in cars, are quite new and ABS only become obligatory in the EU last year.

But back to the Skully helmet.

What they have done is to cram the latest in technology all into one helmet. You don’t need to look down on your GPS or behind you, it’s all in your helmet. The Skully features a rear camera, a GPS that displays direction right into your vizor and it even notifies you about incoming calls on your mobile (and let you take the call while riding).

It’s a brilliant, brilliant piece of equipment and I can’t wait to read the first reviews.


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