My bike’s for sale!


I didn’t think this day would come. But I’m looking to sell my bike. My lovely KTM Duke 200. But it’s time to move on.


Well, things have changed over the last few weeks. I’m a father now. Father to the most beautiful girl you can imagine.

As such, there isn’t too much time roaming the streets of Hong Kong. At least not in the next two or three years.

So I decided to look for a new owner for my lovely KTM.

If you know anyone in Hong Kong (or are interested yourself) drop me a line in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “My bike’s for sale!

  1. Ach! What a shame I couldn’t take it off your hands! I broke my pelvis 4 years ago and I just don’t ride anymore (give or take) in Hong Kong. Clearly you’ve looked after your bike well.

  2. Hello, how much are you selling this bike at? Anything to note as a motorcyclist in Hong Kong ie insurance or road tax if applicable?

    • Selling it for HKD 35,800. Insurance is around HKD 1,300 a year (third party insurance), road tax is already paid until July 2015, it’s also around HKD 1,300 per year. You need to have a valid HK motorcycle license. I was able to just use my European licence and get a HK license without doing any test.

  3. Congrats! I’m also having a baby very soon. My wife has been telling me to sell my bike (aprilia Mana) since we first met, but I’m still riding it occasionally. I still plan to hang on to it….

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