BMW R nineT and S1000R arrive in Hong Kong

The long wait is over. Finally, the BMW R nineT and S1000R are available in Hong Kong. I attended the launch event on May 24. And seeing those two bikes in real life is just fantastic. 

I’ve been a huge fan of the BMW nine T since I saw the first photos and watched the clip “Soulfuel“. What an amazing and cool bike. And that from a company like BMW.

Don’t get me wrong, BMW has always produced amazing bikes – from an engineering perspective. But design and styling has just been too boring for my taste. The touring bikes look like coming out of an alien movie. And the GS bikes, while being incredibly reliable, look dull.

There have been some exceptions over the years. The BMW chopper, as seen on the James Bond Movie a decade ago, looked pretty amazing. And I’ve always liked the BMW R1150 Rockster despite the strange alien-eyes front lights.

The R nineT is totally different. This time, they got it all right. In a nutshell, it’s a cool, modern bike. A bike like it should be. Simple but elegant. A “soul ship” where it’s not important where you ride, as long as you ride. Yes, it does have modern conveniences such as heating grips and ABS. But it will spare you with a radio (what use is that anyway on a motorbike) or 10,000 traction control settings that no one understands anyway.

Sitting on the R nineT was a surprise too. I thought it’s a lot larger and bulkier.  In fact, it’s quite small and seems easy to handle. It’s not a monster as the 1200GS. Even the S1000R seems to be bigger.

Now the question is: Should you buy one?

If you can get your hands on one – do it! BMW already sold the entire 2014 production. Even if you work for BMW in Germany you’re on a one year waiting list. There are still some available in Hong Kong (at least 48 hours ago) but they might be sold by now. Anyway, with a list price of HKD 198,000 (USD 25,600) they’re not cheap either. Even the S1000R is a bit cheaper.

My brain tells me: Buy the R1200GS. But my heart says “R nineT”. What about the S1000R? Not an option for me! I live in Hong Kong and a 160PS naked bike is just too much for this place. If I had lived in Germany though, I might reconsider….



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