Why the hell are you riding a motorbike? Isn’t that too dangerous?

BMW nineT

I’ve heard this sentence too often now. And if you’re riding a bike, I’m sure you’ve also heard it.

But fact is, it’s pretty hard to describe to a non-biker. But recently I came across a very good explanation….. 

You might want to know why I chose the new BMW R nineT as photo for this blog. It’s quite simple. I watched a video on YouTube made by BMW Motorrad for the global sale start.

BMW invited motorbike customers from around the world to check out their newest creation. It’s not a technical review at all. It’s more about the whole motorbike experience. The passion!

One bike customiser from Paris explained the essence of motorcycling in a simple sentence.

“We humans tend to put our lives in boxes. And the older you get, the more boxes you have. Motorcycles get you out of that box, because you are exposed, you are connected.”

What shall I say? That’s it! The main reason why we love motorcycling. We want to get outside the box!

That box can be your flat (and if you live in Hong Kong it’s really a box), your work (same here, we’re cramped in cubicles) or your car. With a motorbike you escape all that. It’s you out in the open!

Yes, it might be dangerous. And it’s rather inconvenient when a tropical thunderstorm unleashes it’s torrents of rain right above your head.

But you know what? That’s what nature is! And on a motorbike you can experience it. In a box you can’t.

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