Motorbiking in China – should you dare?

If the universe is indeed indefinitely large, surely the human intelligence must also be indefinitely large or, alas, indefinitely small. A vailid proof of the latter hypothesis was provided by a motorist in China. The video below is hilarious. You might not be surprised to know that I haven’t used a motorbike in Mainland China before. For very good reasons as you can see…..

2 thoughts on “Motorbiking in China – should you dare?

  1. I’ve been riding in China for almost 4 years now, and with some common sense and awareness have never had a serious accident (I clocked about 20000km in the last year).

    I can think of 1 occasion when I had a very minor prang with another motorcyclist (we are talking less than 20kph) and his front forks slid out of alignment (cheap as ancient junker) so I gave him 100rmb and we went our separate ways. Beyond that… Can’t recall any other prangs with anybody (though I feel like there might have been another 1 or 2).

    I actually thoroughly enjoy riding here. I wish I could go on the expressways, and sometimes it can really suck if you end up on a broken road, but there are so many really stunning mountain roads full of wonderful twisties and glorious scenery.

    I know many foreigners (particularly westerners) hate driving in mainland. I think they have a really hard time adjusting to a driving style so different. Most of us become so used and dependent on a certain amount of skill, priority, and courtesy from other drivers, that when they ride here they become angry and frustrated easily.

    Driving safely anywhere is all about awareness and flow. If you come to mainland and don’t adjust your expectations and meld with the other road users… well, it’s obviously going to be a lot more risky.

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