230km through Hong Kong (Part 1)

Two weeks ago, my mate and I went on a 230km trip through Hong Kong. I was surprised we ended up riding 230km, considering that the maximum distance from one end of Hong Kong to the border is just around 50km. We started our trip very early on a Sunday morning… Continue reading

Film your ride!

GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3

Have you ever thought about recording your motorbike tour on camera? Sharing the amazing view you have from your two wheels? There’s help on the way. Meet the GoPro Hero 3 camera in combination with the Flymount, the most versatile camera mount.  Continue reading

Day 2 (Part 1): No more shitroads!!!

Basti in China

I wasn’t sure which time zone Vietnamese roosters were operating on, but certainly it wasn’t the local time zone. Being woken up at 3:00am is just a bit too early for me. At 6:00 it was time to get up though: Shower, breakfast and saddle the bikes. It was 8:00am when we left Mai Chau where we spent Day 1. If we had known before how this day will turn out, we might’ve stayed in bed just a bit longer….

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The first time I’ve driving a Minsk. But I liked it…..

Basti in China

In Minsk we trustSo what is the best way of touring the countryside in Vietnam? A motorbike, without question. But this being Vietnam, you need something simple. Sturdy. Reliable. You need the Kalashnikov among motorbikes. A bike that you can ride on mud, gravel or the street. Something you crash with on the street, get up and just continue riding. You need the Minsk! 

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